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USA Medical Supply serve people with medicare coverage for different types of durable medical equipment. We carry orthopedic supply, body warmers, diabetic supplys, wheelchairs, bathroom aides, walkers, respiratory, and diagnostic supplys.
Medicare has two parts.
• Part B is the medical insurance part of Medicare that pays for Durable Medical Equipment (DME). In order for Part B carriers to be reimbursed for DME, two conditions must be met. First, the DME must be necessary and reasonable either in the treatment of an injury or illness, or in improving the function of an impaired body part.
Second, the DME must be for use in the individualís home.
• The necessary part of the first requirement is met by obtaining a doctorís prescription that includes the diagnosis and prognosis for that individual, the reasons behind prescribing the DME, and the length of time that DME will be needed. Many Medicare recipients are also eligible for Medicaid benefits. In those cases Medicaid will pay the Part B insurance premiums plus the co-insurance and deductible amounts and other charges sponsored by Medicaid, but not covered by Medicare.
If your eligible for Medicare please call us and our friendly customer service representative will be happy to help you. You can see if your eligible for wheelchair, walker, back support, diapers, liners, bathroom aides, cane, body warmers, diabetic supplies, just to name a few.
Our toll free phone is 1-800-507-6922 or e-mail us at
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